Let Us Now Praise . . . Alan McLeod (Again)

As some of you realize, I'm a big fan of common sense, reason, facts, and, well, good thinking.

Which is why I'm a fan of Alan McLeod, the brains behind A Good Beer Blog. A prime example is his recent essay about blogging, "professionals," "amateurs," and a whole lotta other topics in between. No, I'm not a beer blogger or a beer writer --- but I so appreciate good writing and thinking regardless of topic. I hope you to, too.

Which is why you oughta read Alan's blog. (And, no, I didn't know that I'd inadvertently referred him, via Stan, to the piece that inspired this instance of rumination. Frankly, and as I noted a day or so ago, I'm a bit baffled that anyone reads my tweets. Who knew?)

(Yes, I know that's irrational: Presumably I bother tweeting because I assume someone's going to read the tweet. Certainly that's my hope. In my experience, however, life is chock-ablock with unrealized hopes and so, ya know....)