Ohdeargod. Apologies for the RSS stream screwup

Jack Curtain was kind enough to alert me to what I had not realized: A torrent of old posts landed in the Google Reader rss stream yesterday. That wasn't intentional. As some of you know, I just moved the website to Wordpress.com.

As is always the case, the move created some broken links in old posts. Yesterday I sat down to fix those (a tedious, boring task).

Unbeknownst to me, Wordpress zipped every. single. fix. out into the ether --- and into Google reader as a "new" post. All 90 or so of said posts.

I apologize. I don't know why that happened or how I could have stopped it. I didn't put new dates on the posts; all I did was "upate," so why they went out as "new" is not clear to me. But I also can't figure out why Wordpress keeps sending posts to Facebook even after I tell it NOT TO DO SO. --- so apparently Wordpress either has some goofball bugs (which seems unlikely) or --- there are some tricks up its sleeve that I've not yet caught on to.

In any case, THANK YOU, Jack, for taking time to let me know. And to the rest of you: My apologies.