Here. But Not Here

Or something like that. I'm on the road this month. In Denver last week for the Craft Brewers Conference - about which I have much to say (or will have as soon as I'm not on the road).

I'm typing this while in NYC for a week. Partly to babysit and help our kids move, but also to film footage for a National Geographic TV series about food.

and next week, I'm off to Phoenix to talk to a pork industry group. 

Translation: I'm alive and "here," but the here offers only limited access to the interwebs (!or whatever). 

Translation: I'm typing this on an iPad and when you're The Worst Typost In The Universe, an iPad keyboard is not your best friend. (And, yeah, I left my portable keyboard at home.) 

So: the radio silence during this otherwise hot media moment (The Michael Berry Show! America's Test Kitchen Radio!) is regrettable but necessary.

Hang tight. I shall return. And it took me four tries to get "hang" typed correctly. See what I mean??