Another Beer Social Network Site: The Aleuminati

And speaking of social networks and beer, I got an email from Shawn Connelly about another beer social site, The Aleuminati. Shawn is the founder of Aleuminati. He also blogs at beerphilosopher and writes about beer for (He also, by the way, shares two-thirds of a name with my brother: Shawn Patrick.)

Aleuminati is gearing up to celebrate its first anniversary (November 12) -- members are celebrating that event by sponsoring a fund-raising drive for Pints for Prostates. PfP was founded by Solid Good Guy Rick Lyke, who was diagnosed with prostate cancer earlier this year. Rick came through the ordeal (just saw him in Denver; he looks great!) -- but he realized that he did so in part because of early diagnosis.

So he launched Pints for Prostates as a way to encourage men over forty to make regular PSA testing a part of their lives. You can donate money, too, by clicking on the "chipin" button at Aleuminati's website, or by visiting the Pints for Prostates site.

Anyway, cheers for the great folks at Aleuminati for celebrating their own good news by giving back to others -- and for providing an online forum where beer folks can gather and talk, ya know, beer stuff.

Thanks and a tip o' the mug to Shawn.