"The Real Beer"? "Dancing With The Hops"? "The Biggest Brewer"? (*1)

While rummaging through the offerings at Politico.com, (yes, I am currently addicted to all things electoral), I ran across this mention of John Hickenlooper, known to beer geeks as the founder of Wynkoop Brewing (and currently mayor of Denver):

Several politics-related pilots are currently in the works—including a reality series featuring Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper—due to the large viewership enjoyed by debates, political conventions and similar prime-time programming in this year’s presidential race.

Well, whatever some network honcho comes up with, it's got to be better than "Real Housewives" or "The Girls Next Door." And who knows? Maybe Hickenlooper and his family are the next Osbornes. *1: Added a few hours after my original post: How about "The Real Wort"?

Source: The quote is from this article.