A Historian At Work: A New Series Here At the Blog

"Oh, no," you groan. "Not ANOTHER series!" Yes, dear friends. Another series.

But this one is about what I do, about my work as a historian. As I mentioned a few weeks back, it's only gradually dawned on me (after a year of regular blogging) that I blog about this, that, the other thing, and everything in between. But I rarely discuss my work: that of a historian.

Yes, you've heard plenty about my view as a historian, but not about what it's like to do and write history. Frankly, I'm doing this for me: I don't often ruminate about what I do or how I do it, because, ya know, I'm too busy doing it.

But as I've noted about a zillion times here before, things are changing. I'm writing a new book, but by the time it's finished, well, the idea of the "book" may be some THING that I can't even imagine now.

So -- after about 25 years of working as a historian, and as I live through what I think is a pivotal era in our nation's and perhaps our planet's history, what the hell: I'm gonna document my work.