Gone Fishing (Sort Of)

Obviously I should have, um, toned down my previous rant. Apologies. (I'd delete it, but hey, it is what it is.)

I was annoyed that the upgrade demolished so much of the blog itself, but I was even more annoyed that I lost three hours of my life trying to deal with it (including trying to figure out how to back up the blog before I upgraded, an effort which, ultimately got me nowhere.

Anyway, again I will attempt to repair the damage this weekend. Today, however, I've got to be away from the desk for most of the day and night. A

nd The Husband comes home tonight, and I'd rather spend the weekend with him than with a broken blog. So: the damage will get repaired.

Soon. Soon as I can work up the energy to tackle something I'd really rather not have to mess with.

Because I'd MUCH rather expend that energy finishing Chapter Three, which is on the verge of morphing into Chapter Four. Which means, hey!, I've written about a third of the new book. So at least something cheery is afoot.