David Carr Nails the Value of Twitter

While I was out of town, I was computerless and so had a chance to get some distance from and therefore think about how, why, and when I use a computer and about my online life. Which made me think about Twitter and reminded me just how much I enjoy and value it as a tool for writing, communicating, and learning. I was trying (without much success) to explain Twitter to various family members: that I use it was a way to follow the thoughts/ideas of a slew of smart, talented people. And then I pick up today's New York Times --- and see that David Carr has said precisely what I was trying (and failing) to say. Here's the money-quote (or one of them):

By carefully curating the people you follow, Twitter becomes an always-on data stream from really bright people in their respective fields, whose tweets are often full of links to incredibly vital, timely information.

Yep, yep, yep. Soooo. If you're not yet using Twitter, and you're on the prowl for a new year's resolution, I can think of none better than to get a Twitter account and start connecting.