Tim Burton at MOMA

So, I managed to see the Tim Burton exhibit at MOMA last Friday. One word: astonishing. Well, maybe another word: Genius. The guy is a certified creative genius. (And, as my husband said, perhaps a bit crazy as well. Which is hardly surprising.)

I'm a serious Burton fan and the exhibit only confirmed my long-held belief that he is an artist of an extremely high caliber who just happens to use film as his major medium of expression.

The exhibit is fairly small: most of it is crammed into one large room on the third floor, but if you go, don't miss the small collection of drawings and photographs located on the lower level of the museum.

My only complaints about the retrospective (and it is just that: the earliest works date from his high school years): One, the catalog is underwhelming. Nice, but nothing like a full catalog of what's on display in the show. Two, the exhibit ignores his move to London and the city's effect on his career and work.

But those are minor quibbles. If you're going to be in NYC between now and late April, do yourself a favor and see the exhibit.