IM: So That's That

Here's how Tuesday, November 12, 2013 felt to me:

As if I were in a space capsule that's been speeding toward earth for the past seven years and on Tuesday, it finally landed. And said landing felt like one of those sloppy, half-assed jet landings we've all "enjoyed" -- except times about 500.

Hard. So hard it shook my brain. Took 48 hours to exit the capsule, get my land legs. 



But. Land, I did. Now the hard part starts: Trying to persuade people to read the book and at least THINK, if only briefly, about the ideas in it.

To all of you who've been on this ride with me the past seven years: Thank you. Truly, deeply, sincerely. Thank you.

PS: The "IM" in the title is shorthand for "Internal Memo."