And Then There's The Loathing of Success

And I think it's kind of sweet that Dick Cantwell is so much more wealthy than he was yesterday. And there's a lot of that, you know? What the hell is wrong with reaping the rewards of years of hard work.

You see people at the end of a haul, you think, "Oh, well, they're rich. They just sit around and bank their checks."

Random Photo Series 2015

Random Photo Series 2015

How the fuck you think they got so rich? Do you know how hard people have to work in the beginning to get to the point that a company like A-B wants to buy it? Or to the point where Forbes decrees you a billionaire?

Hard, people. You work your fucking ass off to get to that point. You spend much of your adult life, and certainly the early years, in overdrive. 24/7, as we used to say.

Acme Big Evil Company that you hate? Somewhere, at some distant time, someone worked like a devil and a fool to build its foundation.

I hate when people dismiss ambition and accomplishment.

Yeah, I've had a couple of beers and a bowl. So sue me.