Beer Alliances = "Going Green"

The always delightful Harry Schumacher at Beer Business Daily (subscription only) applauds cross-brewery alliances, like the one between New Belgium of Fort Collins, CO and Elysian Brewing of Seattle.

Why? Because it's green. As he notes, when Elysian brews at New Belgium, the otherwise Seattle-brewed beer can be distributed in Colorado and adjoining states at a lower cost and with a smaller carbon footprint.

Says Harry: "I think New Belgium and Elysian are on to something, and this is a small test to see how it could work on a larger scale. I believe that a year from now we will be many more brewers making each others beers to cut shipping costs (and pollution)."

So say we all.* (More on "green" beer here.)

Tip o' the mug to Harry. (*And another mug-tip, of course, to Battlestar Galactica)