Celebrate Repeal Day With A Single Malt -- Or Some Other Spirit

Ah, just in

time for Friday, the 75th anniversary of repeal: The New York Times' semi-regular review of single-malt scotch whiskies. These are always worth reading, if only because the tasting panel chooses bottles in a wide range of prices, and there's always some inexpensive jewel in the bunch.

Plus they taste goodies that I've never heard of, so it's an easy way to expand the collection in the liquor cabinet.

So -- take a look, maybe buy a bottle (and support the economy), and then pour a jot on Friday when you toast the Constitution.

Oh: for more spirits-you-may-not-have-heard-of, take a look at the website hosted by the American Distilling Institute, the trade and education group for American microdistillers. There's a state-by-state listing of distilleries and their products. Yum!